Tamara's Work

My Fiber Wall Sculptures are expressionistic in style that incorporate elements of weaving, needlepoint, embroidery, and beading. I use colorful and printed fabric to create shapes and imagery by weaving them into hardware cloth. I then embellish the surface of the shaped forms with stitches and beading to create the layers of color and texture. The beading adds life and sparkle to each piece. The work is meditative and each stitch is made with deep intention, giving each piece a unique energy flow and composition. I have always had a passion for fabrics and textures, which lead me to develop my own form of weaving fabrics into a structure of hardware cloth. Once I have a concept for a piece the start of my Inspiration comes from the fabrics that I find. I like to have a balance of solid colors and print fabrics. Then I try to find contrast in textures all within the color palette. First comes the shaping the silhouette of the hardware cloth and the raised 3-dimensional aspect of the piece. This sometimes includes open negative space and free form edges. The hardware cloth serves as the warp of the weaving, is painted which becomes the first layer of color. Fabrics are then cut into strips and woven through the grid to create the basic image. Then I use ribbons and threads to create linear designs and additional layers of color. A variety of embroidery stitches add texture and help define any image. Lastly comes the beadwork, which gives the sculpture a sparkle.

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